#Business development, does your agency need a mission statement?


business development look at the emerging landscape

Hearing last month and I paraphrase but the gist was "... things have changed so much with WFH and doughnut weeks, now more than ever we need overarching principles to provide a sense of direction for our now partly disperate team here and also to get everyone out of their pyjamas for the day ..."

The pyjamas bit, I kid you not (though no mentions of cats appearing in zoom calls)

I can categorically say that having in place the agency proposition, vision, mission, values, purpose will not double the agency value or gross profit.

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#Business Development, winning new business

Winning new business some tips
business development look at the emerging landscape
The most effective business development is when you are using a range of mechanics to deliver your plan

A quick read with four ideas to win new business – for Business Development Directors and Chief Growth Officers

Business development for a CGO or New Business Director presents a really exciting opportunity to implement so many tactics – all designed to achieve the end goal of on-boarding a new client.

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#Planning, Viral marketing, 2005

Viral marketing deck
planner looking at the emerging landscape
This is how viral marketing was explained in 2005. Simplistic? Yes, though I won some major client work

How times have changed; this is the deck I used to introduce and explain Viral Marketing Campaigns – creative that goes viral through word-of mouth (WOM) because of the nature of its’ shareability amongst many other factors.

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